Donation Options

With increased popularity of internet usage, online donations to NGOs in India have also taken a forward leap. Akshaya Patra too makes available the online donation option for its benevolent donors. The provision of online donations to NGOs in India has opened up a whole new platform for support that can receive benefit from across the world.

Akshaya Patra online donations platform allows the donor to contribute from his or her comfort zone at the time that is suitable and easy for them. Through this platform one can donate to charity in India through credit card, debit card, wire transfer or net banking. Just as offline donors receive tax exemption for any amount that is more than Rs.500, the same way online donors too are eligible for tax exemption on donation. Donors who contribute Rs. 500 or more through Akshaya Patra online donations receive an acknowledgement from the NGO along with a tax exemption donation certificate.

View Akshaya Patra online donations platform and choose your mode of contribution. Donate to this NGO in India and play a vital role in providing wholesome mid-day meal to the underserved children of India.